Suivi Pakistan

I took part to activities to present the results of its UPR
State department conducted a consultative session on UPR with stakeholders and I was also invited. Some other organization like SAP-PK also involved me in the process of their report righting, on UPR. During such event results of UPR were discussed.

During my activities, I provide an introduction on international instruments of law ratified and implemented by my country.
I am directly involved in the trainings for certain departments (Police, Prison, Probation and Judiciary) I use to conduct trainings of community workers and volunteer. Our main focus is UNCRC and we touch the relevant portion of the recommendations on UPR (to the extent of Child Rights).
I exert some influence on my circles, on decision makers.
We are working with the government departments and regulary providing alternate report on CRC thats why we have access to the decision makers and can influence.
We asked our country’s competent authorities that human rights be included in school programs.
We use to hold meetings/vonsultations with education department and we are involved in the trainings of the teachers as well. We managed to table a bill to eliminate corporal punishment in all settings in the assembly, the same is in process.
I actively participate to sensitization activities in my place of work in order to promote human rights education.
My organization is working in all the country we actively participate in such activities and as a provincial head i am playing a vibrant role.