Suivi Macédoine 2013

Allow me on behalf of the Bektashi Community of Macedonia to follow you thanks and friendly greetings. Limitless thanks to thus who gave me the chance to know you all, Especially Monique and the working team give us a lot of new ideas, how to work for better future, in order to Contribute Together with other human rights activists to Promote Human rights Goals in our Neighborhood and Countries around us.

With deep believe we have not even though that 'May mean some hardship in our way but that' never makes us stop struggling to achier our dreams we nor Bektashi community. We had great help from the CIFEDHOP training, CIFEDHOP-Geneva October 2012.

As a result of continuation and great help of CIFEDHOP-Geneva is our Participation on 15TH SESSION OF THE UPR WORKING GROUP (2l January - 1 February 2013), Mme Monique PRINDEZIS item an Accreditation for Mr. Joshua COOPER, Mr. Sulejrnani ARBEN We have to mention that 'there historically big issue come on, for my first Was Organized a side event from EIP for Bektashi community and our Concerns. Inside of UN Could be shown a Bektashi Brochure and Also reports from Bektashi Head quarter and the Macedonian community for bektashis in Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo.

Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, 54TH session (11 February - 1 March 2013) - accreditations by CIFEDHOP for Ms. Fatima Suleiman, and Mr. Arben Sulejmani.

We are happy that 'we win them became part of side event and After a short and Brief Introduction of the Bektashi community for the problems we have been face in Macedonia, our representatives Could talk directly to some of 18 Officers of the Committee, two of three Vice Chairpersons and secretary. Ms. ISMA Jahan (Vice-Chair) did ask clearly the government of Macedonia for the current Situation of the Bektashi community in Macedonia, in that 'moment I had sparks from my eyes going thru my friend Joshua and The Other NGO representatives Who Were surprised from the interest of Ms. ISMA Jahan (Vice-Chair) for a Bektashi community for Which They Have Heard for my first. Macedonian Government did not answer the question, broke even did Consider even a question!!! But We Were happy that 'a group of Officers come to us and ask edition questions Were we with a pleasure tell invite to visit our community, broke answer that it is a great chance to see a Islamic community in this face of Love and Tolerance.

Download the report CEDAW Bektashi Shadow Report for FYR Macedonia