Report on Swiss human rights foreign policy: summary 2011 – 2014 and perspectives

In its newsletter of march 2015, Human Rights Watch calls for a critical reading of the Federal Council report on Swiss human rights foreign policy 2011-2014

12 juin : Journée mondiale contre le travail des enfants

C'est en 2002 que l’Organisation internationale du Travail (OIT) a lancé la première Journée mondiale contre le travail des enfants. 

« Droits de l'homme » or « droits humains »? - a recurring debate

In french, the terminology « droits de l'homme » is regularly called into question because their opponents say that it is a sexist vocabulary. While other countries have translated in their own mother tongue the original english expression « human rights », the french situation seems to be more complicated.


Les Autochtones victimes d'un génocide culturel

Sept ans et 6750 témoignages plus tard, la Commission de vérité et réconciliation du Canada (CVR), qui était chargée de faire la lumière sur le régime des pensionnats autochtones, conclue que le Canada « a participé à un génocide culturel ».

A Declaration on the Future of Education recently adopted

A transformative vision for education over the next 15 years has been adopted at the World Education Forum, which concluded last may 22nd in Incheon, Republic of Korea.


US on the défensive

This past May 11, the United States presented its report to the Human Rights Council, in Geneva. « Many countries have decried police brutality, spying, racial discriminations and death penalty. » (…).


Interdiction et élimination des châtiments corporels

L'interdiction et l'élimination des châtiments corporels des enfants demeurent une préoccupation dans plusieurs parties du monde. Bien que 46 États aient interdit tout châtiment corporel des enfants et qu’au moins 50 autres États se soient engagés à l'interdire, il reste néanmoins beaucoup de progrès à faire.

Privatization of education in Africa

In a joint statement released [28 November 2014] in Marrakech at the Education Forum of the World Human Rights Forum, more than 30 African and international civil society organisations have raised serious concerns about the emphasis on private sector involvement in education in Africa in a recent report. 

Human Rights Watch : Schools and Armed Conflict

HRW has released a Global Survey of Domestic Laws and State Practice Protecting Schools from Attack and Military Use. This report « examines the laws and practices of 56 countries around the world, and evaluates global progress on ensuring that schools and other education facilities are protected during times of conflict.»

Download the report

Inequalities in french school system

The 2014 issue of the « state of the school » – an annual basis publication released by the Department of studies of the french Ministry of Education – shows that inequalities are still active in the french educational system.

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