Welcome speeches

The CIFEDHOP’s 7th international training session on UPR was sponsored by the swiss Department of Foreign Affairs and the Republic and Canton of Geneva. This event took place at the Maison des Associations and the United Nations Office from october 24th to the 30th 2012.
The inauguration of this event was held under the auspices of Mr. Guy-Olivier Segond, chairman of the CIFEDHOP’s Governing Board, Mr. Olivier Courteau, Geneva International representative and Mrs Monique Prindezis, Director of the CIFEDHOP.

The 29 participants were closely linked to the world of education and NGOs as well. They came from across 20 countries : Algeria, Burkina Faso, China, Colombia, Denmark, Eritrea, France, Irak, Iran, Liberia, Macedonia, Morocco, Mongolia, Pakistan, Romania, Ukraine, Senegal, Switzerland, Yemen and Zambia. This training session lasted 35 hours and was held in french and English.