Welcome and introduction to the workshop : Monique Prindezis

Dear participants,

- On behalf of the Board of the CIFEDHOP Foundation, I am pleased to welcome you to Geneva and to this Workshop.

- I present the apologies of the President of the Board of the CIFEDHOP Foundation, which would have much wanted to be with us today, but who is in a parliamentary mission to Ukraine this week. He warmly salutes you and our partner FES.

 - CIFEDHOP was created in 1986 by the organization that I lead, the World Association for the School as an Instrument of Peace, EIP.

- The aim of the Centre was to enable as many people to know their rights, by training teachers in human rights education. From the start our work brought together educators, lawyers and leaders of civil society, which has allowed us to hold large international training sessions here in Geneva.

- It’s in this perspective that we have taken a great interest in the UPR, when created by the new Human Rights Council, because it’s a universal review, which highlights the commitments and obligations of all States, and is aimed at taking part of a public debate.

- It is through the development of a culture of human rights in our societies that all may be aware of their rights and can dare and do exercise them. The UPR and its accompanying public debate can usefully contribute to it.

- We are particularly interested in hearing your experiences in this area and in seeing how to enable others to also benefit from them.

- I thank you for your participation and for your contributions to this ongoing study, funded by the Loterie Romande. I thank FES for the quality of the partnership that we have developed together.

- The Board of the CIFEDHOP Foundation looks forward to seeing the results of your discussions and of the study.

- I wish you a pleasant stay in Geneva and a fruitful work.