UPR's new training material for civil society

UPR Info makes available to the civil society a new training material made by the Carter Centre - Democratic Republic of Congo intended to be use by the trainers before the Universal Periodic Review. This extensive documentation aims to provide all necessary information for a UPR successfull action. The users of this pedagogical methodology will then be able to understand the overall aspects of UPR and take advantage of all opportunities regarding this process.

This training is designed to assist civil society in every country in using the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) to productively advocate for human rights. It is based on a training provided to civil society members in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2013. 

This hardware contains a manual which describe the activities and provides the falicitator additional information and input, and six PowerPoint (PPT) presentations.

Source : UPR Info www.upr-info.org/fr/news/nouveau-materiel-de-formation-disponible

Download the hardware in French in English.