Speeches 3st day (9th)

Saturday, October 25th

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UPR, an educational process for a culture of human rghts

Changing the perception of human rights, the case of Switzerland and the European Court of Human Rights
Mr. David Cornut, Amnesty International – Switzerland

Working with social networks
Mr. Sébastien Duyck, University of Lapland, Finland Powerpoint presentation in PDF file : Working with Social MediasVisionner l'intervention (en)

Examples of communications material

Integrating human rights education in the UPR process

The UN Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training
Mrs. Monique Prindezis, Secretary General, Ecole Instrument de Paix – EIP

The experience of the Unesco Chair on Human Rights in Mexico

Mrs. Gloria Ramirez, Unesco Chair in Human Rights, University of Mexico.Présentations Powerpoint au format PDF : La educacion en derechos humanos - La experiencia mexicanaView intervention (es)

Human Rights Education USA (HRE-USA)
Mr. Joshua CooperView intervention (en)

Presentation of the Workshops

 Powerpoint presentation in PDF file by Yves Lador 

Workshops : UPR-based Steps towards a Culture of Human Rights