Speeches 2nd day (9e)

Friday, October 24th

UPR : UPR : a human rights reality check

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Promoting inclusiveness

Equality and gender issues
Mrs. Pooja Patel, International Service for Human RightsView intervention (en)

Rights of vulnerable populations
Mr. Francesco Corradini, Franciscan International View intervention (en)

Assessing reality and progress 

Right to water and sanitation

Put in context by Yves Lador View intervention (en)
Mrs. Elodie Tranchez, WaterLex  Powerpoint presentation in PDF file : EPU un bilan international des droits de l'homme (fr)View intervention (fr)

Synthesis of Élodie Tranchez's intervention and presentation of José Parra by Yves LadorView intervention (en)

Transitional justice
Mr. José Parra, Consultant, CIFEDHOP  Powerpoint presentation in PDF file: Transitional Justice  View intervention (en)

Using the UPR as a human rights reality check and for identifying country priorities
Mr. Yves Lador  Powerpoint presentation in PDF file : EPU un bilan général - L'examen périodique universel du Conseil des droits de l'homme (fr)
Mr. José Parra

Presentation of the Workshops

 Powerpoint presentation in PDF file by Yves Lador

Workshops : Methodology for country human rights assessment and UPR priorities