Speeches 2nd day (10th)

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015


Click the links to access to document through PDF files and view the interventions in French (fr), Spanish (es) or in English (en) and download files

Rights of vulnerable populations
- Budi Tjahjono, Franciscan International View the intervention (en) Powerpoint presentation in PDF file : Bringing the voice of those who are marginalized

Right to Education and HRE2020
- Joshua Cooper View the intervention (en)  Powerpoint presentation in PDF file : Human rights education - Submission to the un universal periodic review 22nd session

Protecting a space for the civil society
Renate Bloem, CIVICUS View the intervention (en)  Powerpoint presentation in PDF file :  Current trends on closing Civic Space and Impacts on UPR

Rights of indigenous people
- José Parra, Consultant, Former OHCHR officer for Expert Mechanism on Indigenous PeoplesView the intervention (fr)  Powerpoint presentation in PDF file : Indigenous peoples’ human rights

Synthèse de l'intervention de José Parra par Yves Lador View the intervention (fr-en)

Answers to participant's questions José Parra View the intervention (en) 

Rights of the child
- Anna Tomasi, Defense for Children International

- Anne Guyaz, Directrice de la Coordination post Beijing des ONG Suisses. Enregistrement audio de la conférence  

 Powerpoint presentation in PDF file : The United Nationsand the women’s human rights

Answers to participant's questions Anne Guyaz View the intervention 

Workshop : Sharing national experiences