Speeches 1st day (9e)

Thursday, October 23rd

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Opening, Greetings and Presentation of the Session

Mr. Yves Lador, Directof of CIFEHDOP View the intervention (fr)
Mrs. Monique Prindezis, Board of Trustees, CIFEDHOP  View the intervention (fr)

Presentation of Participants
Mr. Joshua Cooper, Hawaï Human Rights Institute

UPR, Achievements and Challenges
Mr. Roland Chauville, Director, UPR-info  Powerpoint presentation in PDF file : UPR, Achievements and ChallengesView the intervention (en) 

Supports and allies in UPR activities : the National Human Rights Institutions

Mrs. Katharina Rose, International Coordination Committee of National Human Rights Institutions (ICC-NHRI) Powerpoint presentation in PDF file : : Supports and allies in UPR activities : the National Human Rights InstitutionsView intervention (en)

Supports and allies in UPR activities : Regional connections

Presentation : Yves Lador  View intervention (fr)

M. Paulo de Tarso Lugon Arantes, Conectas  Powerpoint presentation in PDF file : : UPR Advocacy strategies in South America View intervention (en)

 M. R Iniyan Il Ango, Forum Asia View intervention (en)

National coalitions’ experiences

Expérience Tunisie  partie 1 - Parie 2 

Expérience Sierra Leon  partie 1 - partie 2 

Experience Kurdistan partie 1

Expérience Guinée  partie 1

Expérience Niger  partie 1 - partie 2

Presentation of the Workshops
 Powerpoint presentation in PDF file : by Yves Lador

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