Speeches 1st day (10e)

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015


Click the links to access to document through PDF files and view the interventions in French (fr), Spanish (es) or in English (en) and download files

Opening, Greetings and Presentation of the Session
- Yves Lador, Director of CIFEHDOP
- Joshua Cooper, Hawai’s Institute for Human Rights (HIHR) & CIFEDHOP English session coordinator

Introduction to the Human Rights Council and the Universal Periodic Review (UPR)
- Joshua Cooper,
- Yves Lador  Powerpoint presentation in PDF file : Le Conseil des droits de l'homme (fr)

- Joshua Cooper (en groupes linguistiques)

UPR, an evolving procedure
- Aoife Hegarty, UPR Info   Powerpoint presentation in PDF file : The Universal Periodic Review: Achievements and Challenges (en)

 Powerpoint presentation in PDF file : Starting all over again? An analysis of the links between 1st and 2nd cycle UPR recommendations (en)

Powerpoint presentation in PDF file : La procédure EPU Yves Lador (fr)

UPR : challenges from the field
- Adrien-Claude Zoller, GE-HR, Geneva for Human Rights
- Nicolas Agostini, FIDH International Federation for Human RightsView the intervention (fr)

Participants “Tour de table”
Joshua Cooper