Schools and universities as part of the battlefield

The Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA) has recently released a four goals study : better inform international and national efforts to prevent schools, universities, students, teachers, academics and other education staff from being attacked ; encourage the investigation, prosecution and punishment of the perpetrators of attacks ; share knowledge about effective responses ; and help those who have been attacked to recover and rebuild their lives by providing recommendations for action that the international community, governments and armed non-state groups should adopt and implement.

The study also underlines that « education facilities were used as bases, barracks or detention centres by armed groups and armed forces. Moreover, there was significant evidence of children being recruited for use as combatants from schools and some instances of sexual violence by military forces and armed groups against students and teachers. »

All of this does constitute a direct attack against the right to education.


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Picture taken from : «Des soldats dans les écoles – les impacts de l’occupation militaire sur l’éducation ».