Right to education : the case of refugees, migrants and stateless children

In CRINmail latest issue, Child Rights International Network denounces the denial of the right to education in many countries such as Switzerland, France, Koweït and Québec (Canada).

In Switzerland, « despite the European Court of Human Rights ruling, this country will keep sending back families in Italy in accordance with the Dublin régulation ».

In France, « from january to june 2014, 10 families with a total number of 20 children were detained in view of their expulsion although a Court’s decison sentencing this situation. »

In Québec, « 300 to 400 hundred children cannot have access to free education because they can’t justify their residency status. »

In Koweït, the stateless children are forbidden to attend school.

Reference : www.crin.org/fr/accueil/notre-action/cm/crinmail-144