The right to education for all african children

« A quality education, free, compulsory and appropriate to all african children » is the theme chosen by the African Union to underline the 24th African Child Day (ACD). For that occasion, the African Comittee of Experts on the rights and well-being of the child has issued a concept note which aims to :

  • - clarify the terms and concepts being used in the educational discourse ;
    - report on the current state of education in Africa ;
    - define the right to education legal framework for children in Africa ;
    - recall the standards in the interpretation of the right to education ;
    - circumscribe some areas of concern ;
    - offer activities for the ACD 2014 ;
    - provide a framework for both monitoring and evaluation.

To download the concept note ont the ACD 2014 :

To download the African charter on the rights and well-being of the child :

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