Report submitted by Switzerland 2nd cycle

Point 30 deals with the right to education for foreign children who are born in Switzerland. Point 45 deals with Human Rights Education iin the context of the fight against racism. Points 77 and 78 are devoted to education.

30. The Federal Commission on Migration is of the opinion that weaknesses are still to be found in the area of children’s and young people’s affairs in connection with migration – especially the naturalization of foreigners born in Switzerland who do not benefit from a facilitated procedure and education for children and young people without residence permits.

45. The Service for Combating Racism carries out and coordinates activities to prevent racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia and gives financial assistance to numerous projects in these domains. It funds integration and migration projects and human rights education, as well as projects in schools and for combating discrimination. In 2009, the Service published a legal guide to racial discrimination outlining the legal remedies available in cases of racial discrimination in all circumstances. Between 2010 and 2012, the Service offered approximately 40 training courses based on this guide. In 2010, it also published a study on strategies for combating right-wing extremism in Switzerland, which provides an overview of the different forms this extremism takes and the measures put in place to counteract it. For its part, the Special Service against extremism in the army, established in 2002, raises awareness and gives advice, training and information to members of the army, their relatives and their families when they encounter extremism.

77. The 2009 survey conducted by OECD under its Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) showed that 15-year-old Swiss students continue to achieve good or very good results in all the subjects tested. Gender and social background are still influential variables, but the influence of migration status on performance has fallen significantly in the last few years.

78. In May 2011, the Confederation and the cantons put forward, for the first time, common objectives for education in Switzerland with a view to making better use of the opportunities and potential of the Swiss education system. This declaration of common objectives is based on the findings of the authorities’ long-term monitoring of education. One of the early outputs of that monitoring process was the publication of the first report on education in Switzerland, in February 2010. The report addresses equal opportunity, effectiveness and efficiency issues at each level of the education system.

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