Recommendations received by Ukraine

On the basis of all the recommendations received by Ukraine for the first two cycles, 5 of them are related to human rights education and training.

Further pursue its efforts to create appropriate institutional mechanisms to counter all forms of discrimination and further pursue its efforts to provide human rights training for police personnel to effectively fight hate crimes

Give adequate training on the Law on combating trafficking in human beings to all those involved in the fight against human trafficking, especially border guards

Improve the legislation and its application in order to combat police impunity and increase the number of criminal investigations of suspected perpetrators accused of police brutality, as well as provide training for staff of law-enforcement bodies on the rights of detainees

Allocate sufficient funds for the implementation of the State Programme and establish training and awareness-raising projects for law enforcement officials dealing with victims of trafficking.

Develop a national strategy for human rights education in the school system in accordance with the Plan of Action 2005-2009 of the World Programme for Human Rights Education, including the review and revision of curricula and textbooks, the training of teachers and the practice of human rights in the school community.