Recommendations received by Senegal

On the basis of all the recommendations received by Senegal for the first two cycles, 10 of them are related to human rights education and training.

Ensure the improvement of prisons' conditions by providing training in human rights to penitentiary staff and strengthening the National Observatory of Places of Deprivation of Liberty

Amend national legislation that entails discriminatory practices, prosecution and punishment of persons for their sexual orientation or gender identity, and adopt measures to promote tolerance in the society through education and awareness campaigns

Enforce more effectively the implementation of law 99-05, which prohibits Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and undertake an awareness-raising campaign

Take measures to raise awareness among the public and all players involved in the judicial system regarding the need to respect and apply the legislation on violence against women

As recommended by CRC, to continue awareness-raising campaigns to combat and eradicate FGM and other traditional practices harmful to health and seek to bring about positive trends in traditional behaviour

Continue to strengthen awareness-raising campaigns to combat discriminatory practices against women, which still continue despite significant legislative measures that have already been adopted

Continue awareness-raising campaigns to combat and eradicate Female Genital Mutilation and other traditional practices harmful against women and girls

Accept the support of OHCHR in the area of dissemination of human rights in order to support its culture and education programmes

Provide law enforcement and judicial officials with specific training regarding the protection of human rights of women, children and persons of minority sexual orientation or gender identity, and ensure proper investigation and punishment of any human rights violations committed by this personnel

Provide training on human rights and freedom of the press to the police and armed forces in order to prevent any deterioration in this field