Recommendations received by Republic of Moldova


On the basis of all the recommendations received by Republic of Moldava for the first cycle, 8 of them are related to human rights education and training.

Adopt a specific policy to address the root causes of domestic violence, particularly violence against women and children, and conduct awareness campaigns, particularly in the rural areas

Strengthen programmes of public awareness of the very serious problem of human trafficking and involve all stakeholders in the work

Address the root causes of domestic violence in order to carry out awareness campaigns on violence against women and their rights, especially in rural areas

Take concrete measures to raise public awareness about LGBT rights, including the guarantee of the right of assembly and association

Continue public awareness campaigns on domestic violence and increase the penalties for this crime

Adopt awareness-raising programs to combat gender related stereotypes

Continue pursuing awareness raising campaigns aimed at eliminating stigmatisation of persons with disabilities, the difficulties they face at the labour market and in general, their exclusion from social life

Strengthen the training programmes on human rights for the benefit of law enforcement officials