Recommendations received by Morocco

On the basis of all the recommendations received by Morocco for the first two cycles, 8 of them are related to human rights education and training.

Continue efforts to disseminate the culture of human rights

Take additional measures to train its security force, as recommended in 2008, in order to guarantee respect for human rights

Continue programs of human rights training for law enforcement officials, in the field of torture and ill treatment, in line with the already established practice

Continue its considerable efforts to integrate human rights education in the school programmes and textbooks
Increasing mainstreaming of human rights value in education curricula

Continue its efforts to enhance general education, awareness campaigns and training programmes on human rights

Continue with the training of law enforcement officials, based on the request for technical cooperation contained in paragraph 152 of the national report.

While recognizing the efforts of Morocco to promote a culture of human rights and human rights education and training, to carry on with its efforts to disseminate and consolidate the human rights culture in the country.