Recommendations received by Mexico

On the basis of all the recommendations received by Mexico for the first two cycles, 8 of them are related to human rights education and training.


Consider intensifying its efforts for human rights education across the spectrum of the Mexican establishment and organisations for a proper dissemination and implementation of the bold measures announced in its National Report

Further combat all forms of discrimination against women by running public awareness campaigns on women's rights

Implement the designed public policy and launch a comprehensive awareness-raising campaign to end gender-based violence that includes sexual violence and feminicide

Provide adequate funding for investigations of violence against women, victim support programmes for affected women, and special training for the police to sensitize them to the problem of violence against women
Include human rights aspects in all training programmes and extend them to all police units

Strengthen efforts at the federal level to raise awareness of indigenous rights, language and customs, by providing guidance and training to military and local officials, including the police, judiciary, and members of the legal community, particularly in rural areas

Ensure proper training on human rights to members of armed forces, the police, and prison staff and court staff

Continue to develop measures to improve the situation in prisons and the training of prison officials