Recommendations received by Malawi

On the basis of all the recommendations received by Malawi for the first cycle, 7 of them are related to human rights education and training.

Strengthen the use of modern means of awareness-raising and dissemination with regard to a culture of human rights, notably the rights of vulnerable groups, and the role of institutions for the protection and promotion of human rights

Consider consolidating the gains on human rights promotion and protection through the public awareness programme

Follow-up on the recommendations of CEDAW, by renewing national efforts for gender equality, including through educational and sensitization campaigns

Conduct a public awareness campaign, with engagement at the highest political levels, to strengthen the implementation of the 2006 Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, and highlight the unacceptability of violence against women and address the attitudes and stereotypes that perpetuate discriminatory practices that are harmful and violent towards women

Undertake more effective measures to address the problems of impunity and violence against women and girls, including through the strengthening of law enforcement and the judicial system and intensive media and education programmes aimed at increasing public awareness and sensitivities on the rights of women

Continue efforts to promote human rights, particularly in the areas of education and professional training

Integrate human rights concepts into the curricula for university education