Recommendations received by Kyrgyzstan


On the basis of all the recommendations received by for the first cycle, 6 of them are related to human rights education and training.

Adopt measures to ensure full compliance with laws criminalizing bride kidnapping, forced marriage and polygamy, as well as the training of police and judicial staff in strengthening those mechanisms aimed at respecting the rights and protection of victims of domestic violence

High priority is given to the fight against domestic violence, forced marriages and trafficking in human beings, including through the strengthening of provisions for the investigation of and punishments for such crimes, the provision of support and protection to the victims, and raising public awareness of them

Introduce human rights education and training to members of the police and prison and detention staff, and ensure their accountability for human rights violations

Train armed forces and police in the respect of fundamental rights of the citizens, notably the right to assembly and legally ban the disproportional use of force against its own population

That the gradual entry into force of the 2009 Law on Jury Trials be accompanied by substantial preparatory work with judges, together with awareness-raising, and with the inclusion of the human rights education in practice

Provide and improve training programmes on human rights for the judiciary, law enforcement personnel and lawyers