Recommendations received by Jordan

On the basis of all the recommendations received by Jordan for the first two cycles, 15 of them are related to human rights education and training.


Further promote the respect of human rights by executing public awareness campaigns on issues such as equal treatment between women and men, combating child labour, human trafficking and domestic violence

Continue to focus on human rights education through awareness-raising campaigns as well as necessary legislation

Continue national efforts that aim to promote a culture of and the principles of human rights, including them in the educational curriculum

Enhance ongoing efforts regarding human rights education and training for all public officials

Step up its efforts through providing mandatory human rights education and training for law enforcement personnel, the judiciary, prison guards and other relevant public officials

Continue to conduct outreach activities to raise the awareness of people on human rights

Increase efforts to promote awareness on the social level through continuing campaigns that aim at combating all types of discrimination linked to negative cultural norms while protecting the cultural identity of the society

Continue centring human rights educational programmes for law enforcement officers on issues of combating torture and respect for human rights

Increase awareness, including through public campaigns of human rights and fundamental freedom

Establish a shelter system for victims of domestic violence and undertaking public awareness campaigns against domestic violence

Further strengthen human rights education and training for the judiciary and law enforcing agencies with the assistance from OHCHR and other relevant international organisations

Consider the inclusion of human rights in school curricula

Continue to provide, improve and enhance human rights education and training programmes, including the holding of workshops and seminars for the judiciary, law enforcement personnel and lawyers

Continue to provide and improve human rights education and training for judicial and law enforcement officials

Continue the dissemination of the culture of human rights through its inclusion in curricula