Recommendations received by Iraq

On the basis of all the recommendations received by Irak for the first two cycles, 7 of them are related to human rights education and training.

Abolish legal provisions allowing for reduced sentences for so-called honor crimes and undertake an awareness-raising campaign

Carry-out an awareness raising campaign against domestic and gender based violence, and, in specific terms, against offences against women for reasons of honor

Continue efforts to adequately respond to honour related violence, provide shelters for women in need, raise public awareness and prosecute the perpetrators as a matter of priority

Disseminate the culture of human Rights through school curricula

Intensify efforts to address impunity and incidence of trafficking and domestic violence as well as sexual abuse of women and girls including by strengthening law enforcement and judicial system, recruiting more women in the police and judiciary, and organizing more gender awareness campaigns within the Iraqi armed forces and police

Spread the culture of human rights in all sectors and institutions of society, in particular legislators and the staff of the judicial system and review its education curricula with a view to incorporating human rights principles

Take effective measures to systematically tackle impunity by improving training, including human rights training, of security and law enforcement officials