Recommendations received by Germany

On the basis of all the recommendations received by Germany for the first two cycles, 8 of them are related to human rights education and training.

Continue enhancing and promoting human rights through expanding and broadening human rights education and awareness-raising programmes in the country

Continue to develop comprehensive human rights training and education programmes for various sectors of society, including assessment measures

Strengthen all necessary measures to effectively prohibit and prevent incitement to hatred and racist propaganda, particularly on the Internet, including by ensuring awareness of the problem at the federal and Länder levels

Step up its efforts to prohibit and prevent hate speech and racist propaganda including on the internet and to increase public awareness on this issue

Take further steps in fighting against domestic violence, including by raising public awareness

Federal and State Governments, in consultation with civil society, broaden and intensify existing human rights training in schools as well as the routine training of police, security, prison and health personnel, and set up a monitoring and evaluation mechanism to assess progress

Include the promotion of multiculturalism in education curricula, including by sensitizing teachers to work in a multicultural environment

Strengthen measures to counter discriminatory attitudes, for example by including sexual orientation and gender identity in public education and equality programmes and initiatives