Recommendations received by Albania

On the basis of all the recommendations received by Albania for the first two cycles, 15 of them are related to human rights education and training.

Fully implement the Law on Protection from Discrimination and launch a national awareness campaign on the issue of discrimination and racism
Increase awareness-raising programmes and campaigns to promote tolerance and respect for cultural diversity

Enhance support services for victims of domestic and gender-based violence, and take measures to raise awareness among law enforcement officials, lawyers and judges of the serious nature of domestic and gender-based violence

Organize awareness-raising campaigns at the national level, and especially in rural areas, aimed at preventing violence against children at home and in all institutions in which children are present

Ensure that all complaints of domestic violence are seriously investigated, with the protection of victims and the prosecution of the perpetrators, in accordance with existing legislation, in particular through raising the awareness of police forces on such issues

Raise awareness of children's right to participation in the family and community

Strengthen its human rights education at the national level and through the school system

Ensure adequate training of police in order to increase their capability to deal with domestic violence cases, and take further steps to raise public awareness of domestic violence as a criminal offence

Create more social awareness-raising campaigns against gender-based violence, with particular emphasis on its condemnation by the highest levels of the Administration - and more human rights training programmes for employees in the security and justice sectors

Follow up on the legal framework for gender equality and domestic violence, including its application to law enforcement and judicial authorities handling cases of domestic violence, by taking more effective measures for its enforcement and increasing public awareness about the law in smaller towns and rural areas

Implement public education and awareness programmes on issues related to sexual orientation and gender equality and provide training to law enforcement, judicial and other relevant authorities with the same objective

Introduce and disseminate specific awareness-raising programmes for all relevant judicial and police personnel aimed at the protection of children from trafficking

Provide human rights education and training to police officers corrections officers and judicial staff aimed at the protection of women, persons of minority sexual orientation and gender identity and national minorities

Strengthen its national child protection system and ensure its full implementation - intensify its efforts to raise public awareness against trafficking in children for sexual exploitation and forced labour within its

National Strategy for the Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings as well as other policies and programmes - and adopt appropriate rehabilitation and reintegration mechanisms for the victims

Undertake awareness-raising campaigns to ensure the effective implementation of and respect for the laws of the State, in particular by ensuring the effective investigation and prosecution of honour killings and cases of violence, including domestic violence against women and children