« Protecting Education Personnel from Targeted Attack in Conflict-Affected Countries »

Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (2014). 

« Teachers have risked their lives just going towork in over 20 countries in the past several decades. Targeted by both government security forces and armed groups, education personnel have been caughtin the middle of political, ideological, sectarian, and military struggles in conflict-affected countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Teachers have been threatened, injured, displaced, kidnapped for ransom, extorted for payment oftheir salaries, indoctrinated, arrested, imprisoned, tortured, fired, and killed. Female and male teachers are often affected differently.

This briefing paper focuses specifically on targeted attacks on elementary and secondary éducation personnel and measures implemented to protect them. »

Reference : http://protectingeducation.org/draft-lucens-guidelines-protecting-schools-and-universities-military-use-during-armed-conflict