Origine de l'EPU

During the 3rd International Meeting of Human Rights Education Experts organised by CIFEDHOP in 2007, the first president of the Human Rights Council, Mr. Luis Alfonso de Alba, gave a presentation on the origins of the UPR. The idea of a UPR was proposed by the Canadian delegation. This idea was in turn supported by Switzerland, however, Mexico was opposed since the Canadian proposal was limited to a mere review process lasting approximately one hour. With little substance, the proposal never received any backing from the UN headquarters in New York. In addition, other countries were opposed to the actual idea of a UPR to the extent that the project was nearly abandoned all together. Thanks to the efforts of the Latin American nations, it remained on the agenda. According to Mr. de Alba, this was followed up by abandoning the Canadian proposal of informal discussions in order to attain something more binding and permanent. The ensuing resolution on the UPR is a step in this direction, a review that would be universal and held on a regular basis.