National coalition experience : Switzerlan

The swiss example, with Mr. Selim Neffah, Centre de conseils et d’appui pour les jeunes en matière de droits de l’homme (CODAP) ( and Swiss NGO Coalition for the UPR ( CODAP is a resource center set up in Geneva in 1986. Its aims to enhance youth’s commitment towards fundamental rights, the disadvantaged young people and a healthy and ecologically balanced environment.

The Swiss NGO Coalition for the UPR was created in 2007. Two working papers were released in 2008 and 2012. The composition of those two documents reflects the same working dynamic : one day’s discussion between NGOs, each member writes a ten lines paragraph according to his own competences, a data’s compiling by the steering group, members consultation and broadcasting before the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the mass media and a wide human rights network. In addition to these two publications, il should be noted the relations with the swiss state representatives. In 2008, let us point out, amongst others, a day’s consultation and a more formal meeting following the adoption of the working group report by the troïka. What can we learn from this ? What lessons can be drawn ? On one side, an open working relation, constructive, with the state’s reprentatives. On the other side, one must take into accocunt the lack of time and resources, the difficulty to share a common vision and a lack of political will in the implementation of human rights.