HRC Summary - United States

Excerpts of the summary established by the High Commissioner for Human Rights concerning education.

Right to education and right to participate in the cultural life of the community

67. USHRN indicated that the education system is highly segregated.
(109) Lack of adequate funding and zero-tolerance discipline policies push young people out of school.(110) USHRN called on the US to implement the recommendations of CERD regarding school
segregation and discrimination in educational opportunities. (111) CESR referred to gaps in educational achievements among ethnic groups (112).

68. FFF encouraged the creation of a national human rights education curriculum (113).

(109) USHRN, paragraph 29. See also USHRN separate document on Education and Toward Economic
and Social Rights in the United States: From Market Competition to Public Goods.

(110) USHRN, paragraph 28. See also USHRN separate document on Education.

(111) USHRN, paragraph 39.

(112) CESR, paragraph 10.

(113) FFF, page 2.

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