HRC Summary - Pakistan 2e cycle

Education is dealt with in several points of the summary by the High Commissionner for Human Rights.

67. La HRCP (1) 67. HRCP and JS7 (2) noted the Government did not make the required financial commitment to realise this right and was unlikely to meet the MDG on universal primary education by 2015. JS6 (3), JS11 (4), JS14 (5), noted that although the Constitution provides free and compulsory education to all children aged 5-16, low investment has resulted in poor education and low literacy (just over 50%). 

68. JS6 (6) stated that schools are in poor condition and poorly equipped and noted that whilst the tuition fees in government schools may be low, the monetary cost of purchasing books and school uniforms prevent access to education among the poorer families.

69. JS14 (7) noted the curricula for schools and colleges are loaded with so-called religious material laden with biases and recommended removing material instigating discrimination and hatred towards religious minorities.

70. JS9 (8) recommended the Government take serious measures to ensure equal access to education, including for children from the Scheduled Caste community.

76. CSW (9) CSW recommended Pakistan accelerate and prioritise the reform of the national school curriculum to eliminate discriminatory teaching materials and practice. 149

80. JS14 (10) recommended incorporating human rights education in the curriculum of educational institutions, and that the security of women and children living in IDP camps be ensured. 

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