HRC summary - Kyrgyzstan

Excerpts from the summary by the High Commissioner for Human Rights which deal with the right to education. (37 - 57)

37. Becket Fund for Religious Society BF noted a newly proposed Law on Religious Education and Educational Institutions, which would create new restrictions on institutions that provide religious education.

Right to Education

57. JS2 noted that school curricula and textbooks did not reflect the cultural diversity of society, and recommended the development of ethnic and religious tolerance by including the cultural diversity of Kyrgyzstan in educational programmes.(1)

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(1) Joint Submission by NGOs: “Youth human rights defense group” Public Foundation; “Kylym shamy” Human Rights Center; “Open position” Public Foundation; Media Representative Institute; “Coalition for democracy and civil society” Public Foundation; “Adilet” Legal Clinic; “Citizens against corruption” Public Foundation; Agency of Social technologies; NGO Network for Children; Center of Public Technologies; “Voice of Freedom” Public Foundation; Independent Human rights group; Association of Civil Society Support Centers; Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.