HRC Summary - Ivory Coast

 Extracts from the High Commissioner of Human Rights Summary

7. DEI-CI recommended that the government reinforce its child protection policy, especially in regard to children deprived of education and freedom.

53. According to APDH, the enrolment rate is quite low in rural areas and those controlled by the Forces nouvelles (FN) due to wide-scale underreporting of births. CEPU-CI reported that according to PNUD, the pre-crisis gross enrolment rate was 75%, which slipped to 46% in 2008. Among the many reasons for this situation, EIP-CI cited massive population displacement, a lack of schools in certain areas at the onset of the crisis and a deterioration in school infrastructures. Furthermore, EIP-CI and FI have cited disparities between the country’s regions. According to CEPU-CI, many school-aged children are not educated, whereas others are withdrawn from the system before the age of 15, either to work in the fields or force young girls into a pre-mature marriage. EIP-CI reported that there are no legal measures requiring parents to send their children to school. FI cited a high drop-out rate, which is more prominent among female rather than male students. DEI-CI noted that female and handicapped students experience difficulties in access to education in spite of the law that incorporated non-discrimination and the idea of an “inclusive school system.”

54. DEI-CI and CEPU-CI recommended rendering primary education compulsory and free of charge. EIP-CI also recommended implementing effective measures with the aim of making primary education free for everyone. Moreover, DEI-CI recommended reinforcing education for girls. EIP-CI recommended taking advantage of the cancellation of the nation’s foreign debt through the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries programme in order to improve the educational system by building school infrastructure and recruiting and training teachers.

55. EIP-CI and CEPU-CI reported that the educational sector is continually shaken up by strikes organised by educators and students alike. EIP-CI recommended strike prevention and conflict management within the school and university setting, in addition to making schools a safe haven through measures against acts of violence.

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