HRC Summary - Bulgaria

Excerpts from the summary by the High Commissioner for Human Rights which deal with the right to education. 

60. MDAC stated that thousands of children with intellectual disabilities were denied their right to education, due to disability based discrimination. (117) NNC recommended that educational institutions be adapted to meet the needs of children with disabilities. (118) It also
recommended that general education schools and kindergartens should be encouraged to admit children with special educational needs and their teachers should be trained to teach these children (119).

61. BHC indicated that most of the Roma children were schooled in territorially segregated schools. (120) PACE noted that the segregated schools, which were in charge of the education of 70 percent of Roma children, have poorer infrastructure and less resources and materials than that of mainstream schools. (121) NNC stated that Roma children had the highest school drop-out rate. (122) It also noted the low percentage of participation of Roma children in the pre-school education. (123) STP stated that a larger investment by Bulgaria in inclusive and quality education for Roma children, including early childhood education and lifelong learning opportunities for Roma adults was required (124).

62. BHC mentioned that despite not having any disabilities, some Roma children were placed in special schools for children with disabilities. (125) ECRI urged Bulgaria to take steps to remove Roma children who are not handicapped from specialised establishments. It recommended taking steps to avoid such placements in future (126).

63. ILGA stated that the educational curricula in Bulgaria was strictly gender biased, represented strong hetero-normative and sexist role of men and women, and excluded lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. It urged Bulgaria to ensure that educational methods, curricula and resources serve to enhance understanding of and respect for, inter
alia, diverse sexual orientations and gender identities (127).

64. ECRI stated that Turks had a lower standard of education as compared to people of Bulgarian extraction. (128) It recommended that Bulgaria take steps to improve the standard of education for Turks, which should include the learning of their mother tongue (129).

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