HRC Recommendations - Republic of Moldova

73.19. Eliminate discriminatory practices against persons with disabilities in the medical setting and ensure physical access of children with disabilities to educational and public institutions, as part of its implementation of the Strategy of social inclusion of persons with disabilities (Thailand);

73.22. Provide social services on health and access to education to children belonging to the most vulnerable groups (Uruguay);

73.23. Undertake efforts to prevent child labour, the segregation of children with disabilities in educational system and prevent the crimes committed against children, especially smuggling and sexual harassment (Poland);

73.59. Consider ways and means to ensure the right to education of children with disabilities, also in collaboration with the relevant international organizations and agencies (Italy);

75.24. Strengthen the training programmes on human rights for the benefit of law enforcement officials (Algeria);

76.11. Support and develop education programmes and institutions for national minorities in their mother-tongue (Russian Federation);

76.12. Maintain the network of pre-university institutions with access to education in minority languages in line with the recommendation by the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights on the guarantees for the rights of ethnic minorities (Bulgaria);

76.15. Establish legislation and the necessary measures to guarantee freedom of religion in the country, particularly in public education (Mexico).

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