HRC Recommendations - Ivory Coast

Out of all recommendations directed at the Ivory Coast, 108 were accepted, none were rejected and 39 resulted in reservations.

With respect to education, the Ivory Coast accepted the following recommendations:

• Improve detention centres and the conditions of detentions in general, specifically through providing security forces with training in the field of human rights (Italy).

• Adhere to the UNESCO Convention against Discrimination in Education from 1960 (Algeria).

• Continue to reinforce educational policies (Angola), make concerted efforts to give substance to the right to education (Ivory Coast) and, with the assistance of the international community, strengthen its human and institutional capacities in the fields of education and healthcare (Ghana).

• Pursue efforts to guarantee to educate females and re-educate children who dropped out of school or never attended, with the support of the UN (Burundi), and continue to make progress in its campaign to guarantee a basic education for all, including by means of after-school instruction, through the support and cooperation with the international community (Bangladesh).

• Take all necessary steps so that child labour does not infringe on a child’s right to education (United Kingdom).

• Pursue its efforts in the field of economic, social and cultural rights in order to consolidate the progress already achieved (Cuba), fight against poverty and guarantee the right to education for all, with the support of the international community (Mauritus).

• Through the assistance of the international community, develop activities to integrate human rights education into standard academic programmes and strengthen the capacity of national authorities to promote the exercising of human rights (Ghana).