HRC Recommendations - India 2e cycle

Of the 169 recommendations received by India, X deal with education. Among these, some are quite general in scope, others are more focused, one only deals with Human Rights Education (55)

A - 138.52. Enhance the coordination of both the central and state governments in an effective manner in order to guarantee the smooth implementation of the 2010 Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act (Indonesia) - Accepted

P - 138.54. Establishment and implementation of a National Human Rights Plan which cover access to education and health, including aspects of sexual and reproductive and health, as well as, concrete measures to eliminate violence against women (Spain); Pending

A - 138.55. Continue with action to include human rights education in the school curricula (Sri Lanka); Accepted

P - 138.71. Continue its efforts to eliminate discrimination against and empower marginalized and vulnerable groups particularly by ensuring effective implementation of relevant laws and measures through proper and active coordination among line ministries, national and state governments; by extending disaggregated data to caste, gender, religion, status and region; and by increasing sensitization and reducing discriminatory attitudes among law enforcement officers through human rights education and training (Thailand); Pending

P - 138.73. Monitor and verify the effectiveness of, and steadily implement, measures such as quota programmes in the areas of education and employment, special police and special courts for effective implementation of the Protection of Civil Rights Act and the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes Act, and the work of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes (Japan); Pending

P - 138.115. Extend the minimum age to 18 years for any form of labour that prevents children from accessing a full education (Ireland); Pending

A - 138.135. Allocate more resources in sectors that provide basic services such as health, education and employment opportunities (Malaysia); Accepted

A - 138.158. Redouble its efforts in the field of education and health (Senegal); Accepted

A - 138.160. Further promote children’s right to education (Greece); Accepted

A - 138.161. Reinforce its efforts in provision of free and compulsory primary education (Slovakia);Accepted

A - 138.162. Continue implementing a non-discriminatory and inclusive policy and guarantee quality education to all the girls and boys in its country (Ecuador); Accepted

P - 138.164. Ensure universal, compulsory and free education, carrying out on a priority basis measures aimed at eradicating discrimination, particularly discrimination that affects girls, marginal groups and persons with disabilities (Mexico); Pending

NC - 138.165. Continue its efforts to promote the right to children’s education and ensure the importance of the principles of children’s education in the country (Qatar); Recommendation as read in the Addendum: “Continue its efforts with regard to education for children and take the necessary measures to allow women to participate on an equal footing with men in all developmental efforts.”

A - 138.166. Prioritise efforts to ensure that children with disabilities are afforded the same right to education as all children (Australia); Accepted

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