HRC Recommendations - Gambia

68 recommendations have been accepted, 30 rejected, 45 have received no clear answer, 5 have been considered. 7 dealt with education and were all accepted. 

42 - Take adequate measures to combat illiteracy and poverty (Djibouti);

48 - Increase level of education to cover disabled children (Kyrgizstan);

49 - Continue applying the measures adopted with a view to achieving the proposed goals relating to education (Cuba);

50 - Continue efforts to promote education for the good of all (Kuwait);

51 - Strengthen national education programmes in favour of girls and persons with disabilities (Niger);

53 - Promote human rights education and training in all types of education, as well as for public officials in order to generate a greater understanding about human rights and help cultivate a human rights culture within the society (Thailand);

62 - Consolidate efforts to improve educational infrastructure at secondary, tertiary and higher education levels to ensure equitable access and quality education for all (Pakistan);