HRC Recommendations - Croatia

Deux recommandations font explicitement référence à l'éducation aux droits de l'homme, plusieurs autres concernent l'éducation des Roms, notamment des filles.

6 - Give special attention to educating Roma girls, many of whom are often unable to finish school because of their gender (Finland);

17 - Take supplementary measures aimed at the integration of human rights education and training into school curricula, and at training Government officials, as coordinated action along these lines could facilitate better implementation of the existing legal and institutional framework (Morocco);

18 - Consider organizing additional human rights training for media employees, judges, prosecutors and police officers (Bosnia-Herzégovina);

43 - Step up the education and awareness-raising campaigns so as to prevent ill treatment of boys and girls, in accordance with recommendations of the Committee on the Rights of the Child (Chile);

74 - Pursue its ongoing positive efforts to promote and protect the rights of children in the area of access to health and education, as well as to ensure the empowerment of women (Cuba); ;

75 - Ensure equal access to quality education for Roma children (Finland); 

76 -Reach out to the parents of Roma children to make sure that they fully understand the importance of education and, in this effort, use school assistants with a Roma background (Finland); 
77 - Tailor and design tuition in special schools on the basis of the child’s individual needs rather than ethnicity (Finland); 
113 - Increase measures to integrate ethnic Serb and Roma minorities into the fabric of Croatian life, including through a broadcast media campaign to communicate and strengthen themes of reconciliation and tolerance. Such a media campaign could also target the minority communities themselves with messages on how to address some of the issues that perpetuate discrimination, such as Roma-language broadcasts on birth registration, education and health services (United States);

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