HRC Recommendations - Cameroon

On the total of recommendations adressed to Cameroon, 41 have been accepted, 16 rejected and 4 have been subjected to reservations.

All Human Rights Council (HRC) recommendations concerning education have been accepted. Only one of these deals with Human Rights Education.

36. Continue its efforts to ensure equal access to education throughout its territory for all, without distinction as to sex or social origins (France); continue its work to improve the scope of education and its quality at every level (Belarus); continue its efforts to universalize free primary education (Brazil); step up its efforts to provide free primary education to ensure the right to education of all children (Indonesia); strengthen the national strategy to guarantee better access to education for all children and to include in the school system, at any level, appropriate measures in the area of human rights education in accordance with the 2005-2009 Plan of Action of the World Programme for Human Rights Education (Italy)

76 (24) Cameroon accepts these recommendations and committs to continuing cooperation with the Special Procedures. Cameroon nevertheless underlines that the rights of all human rights defenders are respected and calls upon them to comply with article 3 of the Declaration on Human Rights Defenders and respect the laws and regulations of the Republic. Human Rights training and education sessions are regularly organized for police and justice personnel. Human Rights courses are on the program of the schools wich train this personnel.