HRC Recommendations - Burkina Faso

Out of the total recommendations directed toward Burkina Faso, 27 have been accepted, 18 have been rejected and 1 resulted in reservations.

All recommendations issued by the Human Rights Council (HRC) with respect to education have been accepted. However, just how will States proceed with these recommendations? A follow-up of their implementation will be the topic of the next review in 2012.

A Sample of the HRC Recommendations

1 Adhere to the UNESCO Convention against Discrimination in Education (Algeria).

8 Pursue efforts so that human rights terminology accurately reflects equality between the sexes (Canada).

17 Take all necessary steps so that child labour does not infringe on their right to education (United Kingdom).

18 Continue to strengthen educational policies (Angola), make concerted efforts to give substance to the right to education (Ivory Coast) and, with the assistance of the international community, reinforce human and institutional capacities in the areas of education and healthcare (Ghana).

19 Pursue efforts to guarantee to educate females and re-educate children who dropped out of school or never attended, with the support of the UN (Burundi), and continue to make progress in its campaign to guarantee a basic education for all, including by means of after-school instruction, through the support and cooperation with the international community (Bangladesh).

23 Fight against poverty and guarantee the right to education for all, with the support of the international community (Mauritus).

25 Carry out its ambitions in regard to the promotion and protection of human rights, with the technical support of the international community (Gabon).

27 Through the assistance of the international community, develop activities to integrate human rights education into standard academic programmes and strengthen the capacity of national authorities to promote the exercising of human rights (Ghana).