HRC Recommendations - Bulgaria

Bulgaria has received 107 recommendations, 95 of which were accepted. Of the latter, nine dealt with education and one directly with human rights education.

92- Persist in its national efforts aimed at the systematic inclusion of human rights education in its educational and vocational systems and at all school levels (Morocco);

93 - Ensure that Roma children are not sent to special schools for the disabled, but instead are schooled together with other Bulgarian children (Finland);

94 - Evaluate the need for tuition in a special school on the basis of the child's personal characteristics, not on his or her ethnicity (Finland);

95 - Avoid the practice of the school segregation of Roma children, for example with primary school teachers, who are speaking their mother tongue, with the objective of achieving an effective learning of the Bulgarian language and other subjects taught (Spain);

96 - Communicate more efficiently to Roma parents the importance of literacy and the positive effect of education on the children's future, and, in this task, use the help of school assistants with a Romani background (Finland);

97 - Guarantee that the implementation of the law on compulsory preschool education for all children, adopted by Parliament on 23 September, covers the Roma as well as other minorities (Finland); 

98 - Continue its efforts on the issue of inclusion of children with disabilities in the general school system and reducing the number of schools for children with special educational needs (Slovenia);

105 - Pursue its integration policy for the Roma population, guaranteeing access to basic health and social services, education, housing and employment (Spain); 

106 - Promote the identity of the Armenian minority by further addressing its educational, religious and cultural needs (Armenia)