HRC Recommendations - Bolivia

Six recommendations by the Council to Bolivia are aimed at education

13 - Take effective measures and provide funds for the development of standards and policies to meet the needs of the most vulnerable groups in various areas, in particular education, health and housing (Islamic Republic of Iran);

25 - Continue efforts to ensure equal opportunities for girls and women in terms of education, access to employment, housing and working conditions (Egypt);

29 - Ensure that all children living in detention are accorded special protection, including the nutrition, health and educational services necessary for their proper development (Austria);

68 - Continue its reforms to improve the level and the quality of social protection, education and health (Belarus);

71 - Explore possibilities for further cooperation at the regional and international levels with relevant stakeholders with a view to achieving the Millennium Development Goals related to poverty eradication, nutrition, water and sanitation and environmental sustainability (Malaysia); Seek development assistance from development partners and United Nations specialized agencies in order to find solutions to identified challenges hampering the enjoyment of human rights and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (Nigeria); Continue efforts to ensure the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, in particular by ensuring universal primary education and combating illiteracy, which would guarantee that the population enjoys its social and economic rights (Lebanon);

73- Consolidate the progress made within the framework of literacy programmes (Algeria);

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