HRC Recommendations - Benin

A total of 34 recommendations have been made, five on education and two on human rights education.

A - 4. Reinforce measures to ensure that women are no longer subjected to forced marriage. This could be supported by developing and implementing comprehensive educational measures on the provisions of the Persons and Family Code and on other relevant laws (Denmark);

A - 11. Develop an awareness campaign to address traditional beliefs that are harmful to the rights of children, especially their right to life (Holy See);

A - 22. Give more importance to the schooling of girls in its education programmes, which would certainly contribute to combat female genital mutilation (Mauritania);

A - 24. Consider, with targeted international support, the extension of free education up to the secondary level, and continue the information campaign in favour of admitting girls to school. (Algeria);

A - 25. Continue its efforts to ensure greater promotion of the rights of women in particular those of girls in the areas of education and health care (Tunisia);

A - 26. Intensify its efforts to favour support and material assistance to the most marginalized families and the most underprivileged families to effectively guarantee the rights of children through a sufficient standard of living and the right to education inter alia (Belgium).

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