HRC Recommendations - Algeria 2nd cycle

Recommandations relatives à l'éducation 

129.39. Intensify its efforts in promoting equal opportunity and treatment for women in other aspects, such as employment, education and family life, as well as to adopt necessary legislation to prohibit and criminalize all forms of violence against women and domestic violence (Thailand);

129.57. Consolidate economic, social and cultural rights (Palestine) and pursue its efforts in this area, particularly in the area of the right to education (Republic of Moldova);

129.58. Address the geographic inequalities in access to education and school enrolment rates by creating new institutions and expanding the school transport system (Iraq);

129.60. Carry on its efforts on education and training for the population (Iran (Islamic Republic of); 

129.70. Enhance access to primary health care and education for people in the South, with an aim to achieve universal access for all (Thailand) and continue to work on providing health and education services for remote areas (Oman);


129.73. Continue to promote its excellent education policy in order to eradicate school drop-out during mandatory basic education (Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of);

129.74. Strengthen its efforts to reduce the high school drop-out rates of girls at intermediate and
secondary school levels (Côte d’Ivoire) and reinforce girls’ education, notably in the rural areas (Togo);

129.75. Continue its efforts to provide appropriate education opportunities to persons with disabilities (Ecuador) taking into account the specific needs of persons with disabilities, either in education or on health (Saudi Arabia);

129.76. Continue its efforts aimed at improving access to health services and education (Bangladesh);

129.77. Continue its efforts to bridge the gaps in the field of health and education in remote areas

129.78. Continue with its education policy to ensure that children, and particularly girls, get a quality education that promotes equality and non-discrimination (Ecuador);

129.79. Continue the necessary efforts in order to strengthen the right to education, and include within the education process a culture of human rights (Saudi Arabia) step up efforts to strengthen public education, awareness and capacity building programme and skill training particularly aimed at increasing awareness on human rights in the country (Malaysia);

129.80. Step up efforts to provide greater access to education and health (Senegal);

129.81. Promote and support programs for the youth (Djibouti),keep on its effort on health services policy and promoting the employment of youth (Iran (Islamic Republic of); develop training programmes for the youth so as to improve their access to the labour market (Sudan) step up its efforts in the field of vocational training for them as a way to lower the unemployment rate and to promote comprehensive economic and social development (China) create jobs in order to reduce unemployment amongst them (Sudan) and provide more resources for strategies and programs aimed at fighting against unemployment, especially among young people and to reduce disparities between regions and social groups, especially regarding access to education and health care (Viet Nam);

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