Follow-up of UPR recommendations suggest a list of Best practices to the follow-up of UPR recommendations. 

  • Produce a document gathering all the responses to all recommendations with clear identification of accepted ones. Ex: Norway.
  • Develop a Plan of Action which includes all the accepted UPR recommendations. Ex: Bahrain.
  • Set up an inter-ministerial working group to coordinate the government’s actions. Ex: Poland.
  • Set up a steering committee composed of members of the Government, of the National Human Rights Institution and of NGOs to monitor the implementation. Ex: Bahrain.
  • Issue reports on the state of implementation. Ex: Argentina; Bahrain A, E; Bolivia; Chile; Colombia; Ecuador; Finland; France E, F; the Netherlands; Romania and the United Kingdom.
  • Report regularly at the Human Rights Council in Geneva. Ex: Republic of Korea, Romania, United Arab Emirates.
  • Involve the civil society in the process through regular meetings and consultations. Ex: Switzerland.