Contributions from NGOs and Civil Society

Actors in the field of education and civil society are directly affected by the UPR procedure. First of all, they will be called on to promote dialogue with respect to their collected information, which will be considerably shortened in the High Commissioner’s report on other related sources. Secondly, the report submitted by the State must be prepared in collaboration with society, as recommended by resolution 5/1. Various measures exist in order for NGOs to participate in the UPR.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that civil society in each country is informed, prepared and encouraged early enough to contribute to this review as well as national dialogues. In addition to the mobilisation of organisations already involved in the protection and promotion of human rights, this collaboration with the public also requires a mobilisation of actors in the fields of education, training and information. All of these actors must remain active during discussions in Geneva and follow up by reporting on conclusions and recommendations and monitor them in the field.

Read (in French) the report on the 3rd International Meeting of Experts on Human Rights Education held in Geneva in 2007, whose theme was Spreading the Law and Participating in the UPR of the Human Rights Concil: The Role of Actors in the Fields of Civil Society and Education.