Children’s rights at the UPR - 18th session

Recommendations concerning the rights of the child as formulated during the 18th UPR session : a sum up - by Child Rights International Network (CRIN).

«The 18th session of the UPR took place in late January, with fourteen states being reviewed. The reviews will be passed at a future Human Rights Council session, but in the meantime highlights for children’s rights are below.

Recommendations for Afghanistan include a moratorium on executions, for the government to take measures to end recruitment of children into armed conflicts and to prevent child marriages. The State was also asked to repeal the section of the penal code which gave perpetrators of “honour” killings legal concessions, and was asked to explain the high percentage of children employed in hazardous conditions.

The recommendations to Chile include setting up a children’s ombudsperson, to establish a specialised juvenile justice system and to explicitly prohibit corporal punishment in all settings.

Uruguay was also asked to ensure that its juvenile detention system was in line with its human rights obligations, as well as to address the worst forms of child labour.

Recommendations to Cambodia include taking necessary measures for effectively fighting human trafficking and child labour.

The issue of a moratorium on the death penalty (including for minors) again arose for Yemen (See CRIN’s campaign to end inhuman sentencing for more). The State was also urged to end the practice of early and forced marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM).

The issue of FGM also arose during Eritrea’s review, where it was noted that the country had a high rate of this harmful traditional practice. The State was also asked to end the practice of children undertaking their final year of schooling in a military training camp.

Both Macedonia and Comoros were asked to take steps to avoid discrimination against LGBT persons, with a further recommendation to Macedonia to end impunity for violence and intimidation against LGBT persons.

The Dominican Republic was also asked to implement policies to end discrimination against LGBT persons. Other recommendations to the State include decriminalising abortion and to ensure that women and girls seeking it and health professionals were not subject to criminal sanctions.»

Source : Child Rights International Network (CRIN), CRINMAIL,n° 118: 28 February 2014.