Awareness and mobilization of the civil society

UPR Info : the recommandations related to human rights international instruments, women and children as well are the most often implemented. This can be explained by the fact that those three catagories are not seen as controversial by the States. On the other part, it is highly recommended that the States start to submit half-way reports on a voluntary basis. It’s in this perspective that UPR Info has set up a recommandations follow-up program in order to encourage the Member States to develop by themself surveillance mechanisms. This approach is expected to extend among countries where the civil society in influent and well organised.


The International Service for Human Rights (ISHR) is an international non governemental organization which aims to support and facilitate the work of human rights advocates within the United Nations human rights system and regional human rights systems as well.

According to the ISHR, human rights promotion and advocacy strategies should be initially be developed on a domestic level – focal point of the civil society. It ought to be the same as well when time comes to prepare the NGOs report on UPR. A dynamic based upon consultations allows the making of a critical mass that could influence the process of decision-making, raise the medias’ attention and public awareness in case of a State refusal to take into account the recommandations that were brought to its attention in the frame of the UPR.