$2.3 billion needed to send children to school in war-torn countries

The Education for All Global Monitoring Report has released a new paper showing that 34 million children and adolescents are out of school in conflict-affected countries and that « $2.3 billion is required to place them in school and complete lower secondary education - ten times the amount that education is receiving from humanitarian aid right now. »

Reference : http://www.globalpartnership.org/blog/23-billion-needed-send-children-school-war-torn-countries

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$2.3 billion needed to send children to school in war-torn count

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for the important information. Indeed it is pity that children in War-torn countries are keep away from education. in our neighbouring countries e.g. some part of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Myanmar children re kept away from school.

With regards.

Balkrishna Kurvey
Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament & Environmental Protection